easy [ē′zē]
easier, easiest [ME esi < OFr aisé, pp. of aisier (& aasié, pp. of aaisier < a- + aisier) < aise: see EASE]
1. that can be done, got, mastered, endured, etc. with ease; not difficult; not exacting
2. free from trouble, anxiety, pain, etc. [an easy life]
3. conducive to comfort or rest; comfortable [an easy chair]
4. fond of comfort, ease, or idleness
5. free from constraint; not stiff, awkward, or embarrassed [an easy manner]
6. not strict, harsh, or severe; lenient [easy terms]
7. readily influenced; compliant or credulous [an easy mark]
a) unhurried; not fast [an easy pace]
b) not steep; gradual [an easy descent]
a) in little demand: said of a commodity
b) lacking firmness in prices: said of a market
c) with funds plentiful and interest rates low: said of a money market
10. Informal consenting to sexual activity readily and, usually, indiscriminately
easier, easiest Informal
1. easily
2. slowly and carefully
easy come, easy go
gotten and spent or lost with equal ease: implying a carefree attitude toward money
easy does it!
Informal be careful! go slowly! etc.
☆ easy on the eyes
Informal pleasant to look at; attractive
☆ go easy on Informal
1. to use or consume with restraint [go easy on the paper]
2. to deal with leniently [to go easy on traffic violators]
☆ on easy street
well-to-do; in easy circumstances
take it easy Informal
1. to refrain from anger, haste, etc.
2. to refrain from hard work; relax; rest: Sometimes used as a farewell
SYN.- EASY is the broadest term here in its application to that which demands little effort or presents little difficulty [easy work ]; FACILE means occurring, moving, working, etc. easily and quickly, sometimes unfavorably suggesting a lack of thoroughness or depth [a facile style ]; EFFORTLESS, in contrast, favorably suggests expert skill or knowledge as responsible for performance that seems to require no effort [the effortless grace of the skater ]; SMOOTH suggests freedom from or riddance of irregularities, obstacles, or difficulties as bringing ease of movement [a smooth path to success ]; SIMPLE, in this connection, suggests freedom from complication or elaboration as making something easy to understand [a simple recipe ] -ANT. HARD, DIFFICULT

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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